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"Empowering customers with seamless IT solutions and enchanting support – Welcome to the world of Magik IT, where technology meets excellence! ✨🖥️"

At Magik IT, our mission is to bring a touch of enchantment to homes and businesses alike. With our wizardry support solutions and innovative business tech offerings, we make technology seamless, empowering your success with a sprinkle of magic.

Electronic Board

We all use the internet now more than ever. Magik IT can help you set up your home network so you can always rely on a stable and fast connection. We'll even review your current plan with your service provider to ensure you're getting what you pay for and that you're not paying for more than what you need.

Computer Circuit Board

Accidents happen. With many computers,a repair is possible and can even save you money over the cost of a replacement. Magik IT will come to you in order to assess the damage and quote the cost to repair your PC on your schedule. We can also advise if it's better to replace or repair and for desktop PCs, we can even build your new computer for you!

Magik IT offers expert home entertainment consultations, helping you create the ultimate immersive experience. From audio systems to smart home integration, we'll transform your space into a personalized entertainment oasis. We help in choosing and installing the right equipment to fit your needs.

Father and Son

Magik IT offers expert Smart Home Consultation/Setup services. Transform your living space with cutting-edge technology, seamless integration, and personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Embrace the future of home automation with Magik IT.

Modern Fireplace
Young Girl Playing Computer Games

Magik IT offers exceptional Custom PC Builds, tailoring high-performance systems to your needs. From gaming rigs to workstation powerhouses, experience the magic of personalized computing with expert guidance and top-notch components.

Smart Alarm System

Home Security doesn't have to be more expensive than the home you're protecting thanks to new cloud based technologies. Safeguard your home with Magik IT's Home Security Consultation service. Our experts assess your unique needs, recommend state-of-the-art solutions, and ensure peace of mind through comprehensive protection and advanced technology.

Magik IT provides reliable business tech support services, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing productivity. Our skilled team offers timely assistance, proactive maintenance, and strategic IT solutions to empower your business's success. A monthly subscription ensures that your tech will always be ready to support your business our on call options offer emergency assistance when needed.

Business Owner in Workshop

Data Backup and Recovery

Protect your valuable data with Magik IT's reliable Backup and Recovery service. Safeguard your files through secure and flexible options, including physical hard drive backups or cloud-based solutions. Ensure peace of mind and data resilience.

Computer Programming


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